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Greece is seen as an attractive destination for digital nomads. This is particularly due to the benefits and privileges, such as lower income tax, provided for in law L. 4825/2021 passed by the Greek parliament. However, there are some bureaucratic hurdles to overcome for digital nomads wishing to work in Greece.

Αccording to the provisions of L. 4825/2021 Art. 11, digital nomads are usually considered to be residents of third countries who may work remotely through the use of digital devices for a period of at least twelve (12) months. To obtain their national visa, these people must submit the following documentation to the Greek consular authorities:

    • A) A solemn declaration declaring their will to stay in Greece based on the national visa they hold and at the same time assuring that they will not provide their services to any employer based in Greece.
    • B) An employment agreement with the employer, individual or legal entity based in a foreign country.
    • C) Details of the digital nomad work, i.e. the profession, name, legal seat or object of the company in cases where the person comes from a third country and keeps his/her own business based outside of Greece.
    • D) Any certificates proving their economic self-sufficiency and independence meaning that they will be able to cover their daily living expenses during their stay in Greece.
    • E) A national visa fee of EUR 75.
Ecovis Barcelona | Digital Nomads in Greece: Work Independently with Benefits and Privileges

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Anastasia Moschovaki, Tax Lawyer, ECOVIS HELLAS L.T.D., Athens, Greece

Digital nomads may be accompanied in Greece by their family members who, in turn, may obtain a national visa with same expiry date as that of the digital nomad, explain the experts from Ecovis.

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Dimitrios Leventakis, Managing Director, ECOVIS HELLAS L.T.D., Athens, Greece

Anastasia Moschovaki, Tax Lawyer, ECOVIS HELLAS L.T.D., Athens, Greece