Croatia is introducing a personal identification number, called OIB (Croatian: Osobni identifikacijski broj). It is allocated free of charge by the authorities. It is a prerequisite for starting business activities in Croatia.

The personal identification number will provide permanent identification of each natural person or legal entity. It will be used by public authorities in the day to day work of official records and in the exchange of data, explain the Ecovis experts.

Reasons for introducing the OIB in Croatia

The personal identification number is being introduced:

  • For the general digitalisation of public administration
  • For the purpose of connecting and automatically exchanging data between all official records
  • As the most effective measure in the fight against corruption
  • To ensure the preconditions for a fair system of social benefits
  • To harmonise Croatian legislation with EU legislation
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To set up a company in Croatia, you need a personal identification number.

Marija Jandrečić, account manager, ECOVIS FINUM, Zagreb, Croatia

How companies can obtain the OIB

The personal identification number is given to Croatian citizens at birth or during acquisition of Croatian citizenship. It is given to legal entities when they establish their registered office in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and is given to foreign natural persons or legal entities when there is a reason for their monitoring in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

It is unique, unchangeable, unrepeatable and consists of 11 digits determined by random selection. It does not contain any private information.

No additional fees or liability is generated due to the possession of an OIB but not possessing an OIB can significantly slow down the process of setting up an investment venture in Croatia.

For further information please contact:

Marija Jandrečić, account manager, ECOVIS FINUM, Zagreb, Croatia

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