The monthly VAT refund regime scheme may mean financial savings for your company.

Remember that during November your company may choose to apply for the monthly VAT refund (REDEME) scheme for next year. This regime may be of interest to him if he foresees that any statement of this tax will be in his favour and his compensation may be delayed (for example, because he foresees major investments, or because his company has a 10 % VAT impact and he supports it at the rate of 21 %).

In order to qualify for the REDEME, your company must meet certain requirements, such as being aware of its tax obligations and not carrying out activities that it will pay under the simplified regime, among others.

Please note that if you opt for REDEME your company will be obliged to declare VAT every month and submit books on the Internet (via the Immediate Information Supply System). However, if your company invoices more than EUR 6,010,121,04 and will be obliged to do so anyway, opting for REDEME will not impose additional obligations on it, but only benefits.

Our professionals will check whether it is in their interest to benefit from the monthly VAT refund scheme.