It is more than likely that the maximum limits for module taxation will be extended in 2023.

If the General State Budget for 2023 is approved according to its current provisional wording, the current ceilings for sales and purchases that allow for the application of the module system will be extended for another year. Specifically, the limits will be as follows:

Concept (1)  2023 2024
Total sales 250.000 150.000 (2)
Sales to entrepreneurs 125.000 75.000
Purchases (not fixed assets) 250.000 150.000


1. Volume of transactions carried out in the previous year.
2. In agricultural, livestock or forestry activities, the limit will be 250,000 euros.

It is also planned that the general reduction applicable to this income, which is currently 5%, will increase to 10% in 2023.

Even if your activity meets the requirements to continue in modules, if you expect a reduction in income from 2023 onwards, it may be worthwhile renouncing them. If you wish to opt out, you can file a census return in December or exercise a tacit opt-out by filing the first quarterly VAT return in 2023 under the general system and the first instalment payment of personal income tax in 2023 under the direct estimation system.


Our professionals will analyse whether it is convenient for you to continue in modules or whether, in your specific case, it is better to renounce them.