You have one more year to carry out the work.

Remember that, if you carry out works in your main residence or in a property that you have rented or are expecting to rent, you may be able to enjoy some of the following deductions in your IRPF:

  • Heating and cooling. A deduction of up to 20% of the amounts you pay for work that reduces heating and cooling demand by at least 7%.
  • Energy consumption. Up to 40% of the amounts paid for works that reduce the consumption of non-renewable primary energy (coal, natural gas, oil, etc.) by at least 30%, or that achieve an “A” or “B” energy rating for the home.
  • Buildings. In the case of residential buildings (communities of owners), a deduction of up to 60% is also applicable for works that reduce energy consumption.

However, the deadline for carrying out such work and benefiting from the aforementioned deductions has been extended by one year:

  • In the case of residential buildings, the work can now be carried out until 31 December 2023 (previously this deadline was 31 December 2022).
  • In the case of residential buildings, the deadline is 31 December 2024 (previously it was until the end of 2023).

Our professionals will check whether the work you carry out on your home or building is eligible for a deduction and will advise you on what you need to do to take advantage of this incentive.